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Patient Satisfaction

96% of patients in the FDA Study were satisfied with their vision AFTER CustomVue LASIK while only 78% were satisfied with their overall vision BEFORE CustomVue LASIK.

2/3 of study patients saw better at one year after CustomVue Wavefront LASIK than they did before surgery with their glasses or contacts. At 1 year post-op after Visx CustomVue Wavefront LASIK, 99% of FDA study patients saw 20/20 or better, 75% of patients saw 20/16 or better AND 23% saw 20/12 or better!! 20/12 vision approaches the theoretical limit that the human eye is capable of seeing. We rarely attain 20/12, or even 20/15 vision with glasses or contacts!

Four times as many study patients were very satisfied with their night vision AFTER the CustomVue LASIK than were satisfied with their night vision BEFORE CustomVue LASIK.

30% of patients complained of glare at night before CustomVue LASIK and only 8% complained of glare at night after CustomVue LASIK.