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09.10.2015 - Ibra (kA0yaKkkHkL)
Apart from what conley39 wrote note that there are <a href="http://iumfdqcnxhw.com">spicael</a> offers for Munich-Salzburg-Vienna. I would not buy a railpass for this section of your travels. Instead I would buy a so-called Bayern-Ticket for Munich-Salzburg and a so-called Einfach-Raus-Ticket for Salzburg-Vienna. Travelling with these <a href="http://iumfdqcnxhw.com">spicael</a> tickets might be slow, but they are valid for a group of up to 5 people, so the price cannot be beaten. Take 28 EUR for Bayern-Ticket (Munich-Salzburg)and 28 EUR for Einfach-Raus-Ticket (Salzburg-Vienna) and divide through 5 and you can see what kind of bargain that is compared to the regular EC train fares of 29 EUR and 44,20 Euro per person.

09.10.2015 - Piotrek (yAE4qXO8z)
My mum took me to Europe when I was 12 (I'm 15 now) and we went to Paris, France,, Rome, Venice, Florence and Pompeii in Italy and Zurich in Switzerland. It was amazing, I loved the Eiffel Tower, the Lourve and we did a ctsales tour that went through the country sides, and there is some very beautiful ctsales there. In Italy I love the Colloseum and Florence and Pompeii but Venice not so much, when we went, Venice was rainging and flooded, not very nice. But you might still enjoy it. Zurich country side was absolutely beautiful! Your children will love it.Have fun! http://gbkxwplwvq.com [url=http://ovmlhakpw.com]ovmlhakpw[/url] [link=http://uyiwtslwqe.com]uyiwtslwqe[/link]

08.10.2015 - Antonio (54kkVqkOHGXG)
I teach at a high school and I just<a href="http://alnyulv.com"> crhaeponed</a> a school trip over Spring Break to italy Greece. It was fantastic! We stopped in the Madrid Airport (just for a layover) but we were there for 7 hours and just by looking out the airport windows and out of the plane windows, Madrid seemed just gorgeous!We went to Rome, Vatican City, Florence, Sorrento, Capri, and Naples in Italy. It was just amazing! Florence, Rome, and the Vatican City of a bunch of really interesting tours and shopping there is great! We saw St Peters Square, the Sistine Chapel, Colesseum, Trevi Fountain, and Florence is breathtaking! We then took an overnight ferry to Greece and went to Delphi and Athens. Both awesome! I havent been to any other countries, so I cant tell you about those, but Italy, Greece, and (part of) Spain were absolutely amazing and you'll definitely find stuff to do! We didnt have enough time and we were there for 10 days!

03.10.2015 - Jhia (ODKmyTvBm)
When I was eight, my mother took me and my two snibilgs (6 and 10 yrs) to europe for almost a month in the summer. We spend no more than a week in each of the following places: London; Stratford apon Avon, England (home of Shakespeare); Paris; Normandy Beach, France; Venice; Geneva, Switzerland; Zurich, Switzerland. I enjoyed Venice the most, and enjoyed Stratford apon Avon the least. Venice is beautiful, if not a little smelly from centuries of pollution in the water. I think we stayed in a large hotel on the island of Luigi, which was like a ten minute boat ride from the actual city. The most beautiful architecture of all the cities we saw. I would highly recommend. Paris is pretty standard. That would probably be most fun for your fifteen year old. Very safe, friendly. A lot of the people speak english also. He/she would probably have fun wandering around a little on his/her own, as im sure any teen on family vacation would find appealing. London is nothing too exotic, a very western city. Nothing you wouldnt be able to find in America. It is none the less a fun place though. Switzerland is beautiful, great hiking, very peaceful. Normandy beach is very historic, and is also a quiant little French rural area. Not much to do though. Maybe nice for a short weekend visit. Stratford apon Avon was a little boring for an eight year old. It is a pretty standard small city, with enough Shakespeare exhibits and performances to satisfy any English major. But like I said, pretty boring for kids.I havent been to Spain or Turkey, or mainland Italy, but I do have friends who are currently spending time there or have lived there. All I can say is that all three of these friends speak very highly of the experiences.

28.09.2015 - Novha (4L87ONk9o)
1. From Amsterdam to Greece = 36 hours, 13 minutes to Thessaloniki, the first major train traisnt hub you get to in Greece coming from the west.2. You can. There are ferries Patras, Greece to Bari, Italy ( HML, Minoan Lines, and Superfast ferries). Also to Venice, Ancona, and Brindisi from Corfu, Greece. This might help you sort out all of the ferry options:Low cost-flights, at least in one direction, might save you lots of time and money considering the length of this journey. See to track them down and get prices.Oh, Athens to Salzburg by train = 33h, 46m (fastest connections). Thessaloniki-Salzburg= 28h, 17m (fastest possibility of the day).

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